meet the team at Mountain Adventure Lake District

Jack Oliver

Owner, Mountain leader and climbing INSTRUCTOR 

Mountain Adventures very own super man !! Jack has a love for climbing and mountaineering ( some would day obsessed ) Jack lived for all things outdoors in leaving the Army .Hes not one to sit still and when hes not not out running an activity , course or in the office causing trouble, we often find him with climbing buddy's in some far out wild place climbing. Last year saw Jack climb the classic old man of Hoy in the North East of the Scotland as well assents in Nepal and quite a few closer to home. Hes a very active outdoors man and that passion and motivation is infectious to all he meets, Jack has so much raw passion and love for what he does that hes been know to do it for free ! 

Out side of his love for climbing he indulges in ( we quote )  "Normal sports like distance running"  and last year he completed his first ultra marathon but as if completing it  wasnt enough he came 3rd and then just asked for a "brew" . Jack loves to travel and help others achieve things they through not possible weather learning a skill or trekking to Base camp.