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"The mountains are calling"

Everyone heads to the mountains for different reasons, whether that's because you bagging another Wainwright or  tackling a scrambling route or its your first time using a map and compass, it's an incredibly enjoyable experience and one that you'll want to repeat many times. Having the confidents in your own ability and skills is equally a great feeling. 

With all our courses we aim to give you the "tools" to be able to get out further and explore more. Most of our courses are run year round and tailored to suit your level of ability, this means that we can be flexible in what we cover to ensure that everyone is getting as much out of the course.

 advanced navigation training courses

Being in the great outdoors can be an exhilarating experience. Especially if you have planned your own route and have confidence in your map reading skills. With these tools you are free to explore some the most spectacular places that the UK has to offer. Safe in the Knowledge that you know exactly where your are . 

Our Navigation training courses run 365 days of the year. Which are perfect for anyone who wants to be self sufficient in the UK mountains . We offer 1 and 2 day training as well the option for a
night nav training .

2 day beginner - Advanced Navigation Training 

 you will be able to venture further with the peace of mind you know where your are.

This great Advanced navigation training course is aimed at those who already have some mountain navigation experience & are wanting to venture a little further from the beaten track . 

During the 2 days we will cover the core fundamentals of mountain nav in depth as well as looking at aspects of mountain safety . This is very much a hands on course with maximum time being spend on the fells, We keep our group sizes to a max of 5 to ensure that everyone gets as much out of their instructor as possible .

Course outline 

Day 1 : We will meet at a pre arranged venue where we'll go through the out line of the next two days and cover some of the basics (over a brew of course!) From there we will be heading onto the mountains for the rest of the day learning the skills in an open and hands on way. 

Day 2 : We'll start the day at the same location where we meet on day 1, after a quick refresher we will be heading straight out to put all of the skills that we learned yesterday into real practice, this will generally involved the ascent of a peak. All the time developing your confidence and your own ability to navigate in the mountain environment .

During the course you can expect to cover:

•Devising a strategy for navigation
•How to use ‘tick’ features on
route to check your going in the right direction.
•How to take and follow a compass bearing.
•How and when to use ‘aiming off’, ‘attack points’
•Understand contour features.
•Pacing, timings and distance
•Plan a safe walk or route taking into account the weather forecast 

•Use simple relocation strategies
•Use a compass to check the direction of footpaths or other linear features.
•Take and give a 6 figure grid reference 

This course is ideal for people who have minimal navigational understanding and want to develop there current skill set .

What do I need ? 

Enough clothes to keep warm and dry in all weathersWaterproofs Lunch and something to drink Suitable footwear Map and compass Note book and pen

Whats included?

The course fee includes instruction we can also provide maps and compasses if you need one . 

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