Night Navigation training

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Learn the skills to navigate in the dark or poor weather

Being able to navigate in the dark at night or in poor weather is a invaluable skill to have and without some training can be a daunting experience for most . 

Our night navigation training course is aimed to provide students with the skill set and ability to tackle these obstacles with confidences.  These courses are fantastic as bolt on to our 

navigation training courses or  refresher for anyone pursuing the Mountain leader qualification

Course Outline

Our night navigation training course will normally start at a pre agreed venue and will  generally start around 20.30 depending on  time of the year and will last for around 5 - 6 hours. All our navigation training courses take place in the Lake District where we have easy access to some of the most amazing mountains and can offer the most realistic training .

During the course we will cover: 

•Navigation tactics 

•Grid references

•Understanding pacing and timings 

•Taking and using compass bearing

•Using hand rails and catchments 

•What to do in an emergency 

Who is its suitable for ? 

This course is great for those looking to strengthen there navigation or wanting to develop on from a previous course 

What do I need ?

Enough cloths to keep warm and dry in all weathers
Water proofs
Lunch and something to drink
Suitable footwear
Map and compass
Note book and pen

Whats included ?

The course fee includes full instruction from a qualified and experienced Mountain leader. We can also provide maps and compasses if you need one. Everyone who books on to our course receives 10% off at Cotswolds outdoors - Grassmere

Add more to you training course and join us on our 1 or 2 day navigation training course

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