2 day Beginners Scrambling

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What is scrambling ? 

Scrambling is a great way to step you hill walking up a notch and give those classic hill walks a fresh new feel.  Any time you find yourself walking along rocky terrain where you have to use your hands ..... Your scrambling . 

Scrambling comes in 3 grades and are numbered with 1 being the easiest and 3 being the hardest . So natually grade 1 is the best place to start 

Why should i do this course ?

If you love being out in the mountains  and often wounded about stepping it up and going for some of the classic line like Striding edge then this 2 day beginners course is perfect for you. 

Going scrambling can be an exhilarating experience but you can find your self in some airy situations and knowing how to stay safe is key. Although not as serious as rock climbing it does come with is hazards and understanding some techuqical skills will really make of break your day . 

Climbing, Lake district, outdoor courses, scrambling, learn to, mountain activites
Mountain adaventures, Lake district, scrambling, beginner courses

What does this course cover ? 

Through out the course we will cover skills including 

  • Understanding the guide book and route finding
  • Moving on steep ground
  • Using appropriate anchors 
  • Building safe simple belays 
  • How to protect short pitches of difficult ground 
  • Abseiling 

All our scrambling courses are run by a qualified and appropriatetly experience mountaineering instructor who is a memeber of the Assciation of mountaineering instructors  

When do these courses run ?