Have an adventure, Learn new skills and get inspired. 


3 day mountain skills course learn how to be in the mountains safely On any of our 3-day mountain skills course. We all have one thing in common when we go out in the mountains. We want to stay safe, have a good time and come back. That is where our 3-day mountain skills course comes in. Over the course of the 3 days, we will look at a huge range of fundamental skills that will make having an adventure that much better.

Normally speaking there is a big emphasis on navigation. After all its all well and good going into the mountains but if you don’t know where you are going your wasting your time.

Because of this, we look at what I call ” common sense navigation “.  We spend some time understanding the map and what all the lines, dots and symbols mean. The best way to do this, By going out on the mountains and learning how to read a map. As well as looking at this during the day time on the expedition part of the course we head out in the mountains and do it total darkness. More than often we head to places that I’ve not been to before this really helps to push the point that the skills we teach really do work.

It’s not all about map and compass 

But it’s not all about navigation people on these course with a real range of experience and it might be that we spend some time looking at scrambling skills and building up from just hill walking. There are some amazing scrambles such as the iconic Striding Edge to name but a few. These might be on your bucket list in this course we will look at how best to manage that environment and of course get over it safely. An equally important part of the course is spend looking at what to carry on the mountains.

Belive it or not we all carry different things and its good to look at it together and break down what we really need against what we don’t. By the time you leave Mountain Adventure your have a real idea of how to plan a day or days out on the UK mountains.


Time to head the Mountains


A massive part of the 3-day course is spent on our “mini-break” again this somewhere that I have not been to. This really hammers home that the skills do work. Together we will plan a 2-day walk including somewhere to camp, a number of mountain peaks and use’s all the skill’s from the previous day.

Before we head out you have plenty of chance to get anything you need such as food etc. If you need things like a tent you can always hire them from us.

Over the course of the day, we walk our way to our wild campsite looking at further those skills and really solidifying new and old ones.


Night Navigation and walking in the dark 

Once we are at the campsite its time for some food and to wait out for the day before head out and look at night navigation and the skills that involve. The idea of walking at night is that we reenact what it would be like in poor weather and how hard it can be. However, we have a set a skill that can combat that and make it easier …. in fact almost enjoyable !!!

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The 3 days navigation and skill course I did with Mountain Adventure Lake District could not have been better. After taking the course I feel confident that I can navigate and travel in mountain areas safely and am able to enjoy the experience more because of that. I had really high expectations before the course began, and the course exceeded my expectations in every way. 
Jack Oliver was my instructor on the course and his expertise and professionalism helped develop my skills and confidence. 
I would recommend this course to friends, family and anyone wanting to develop their outdoor skills. 
I will be going with Mountain Adventure Lake District for training in the future!


University Lecturer , Hull Uni