Here are 5 reasons why you should do a Navigation course.

We all love to head out into the mountains, and we all love to have an adventure. Whatever your reason is for heading into the mountains we all have 1 thing in common. We all want to get home or to the pub safely!!

  1. Getting lost sucks –

No likes getting lost and no one wants to get suck on the mountains and this must be the biggest reason why you should do a Mountain Navigation Course. Its an awful feeling realising you are lost or are not sure where you are. It’s normal our days to head out on the mountains with a GPS device or a book that give you a description of the route you’re heading on. This is all well and good until your battery dies, you go off route from your description.

Navigation course in the Lake District

  1. Opens a world of new adventure’s –

It’s true once you have the confidence to and ability to be able to read a map then it ritually opens up the world to you. You will be able to navigate to some amazing places – experience wild camping and much more.

  1. Who said it must be in daylight? –

The beautiful thing about being able to navigate in the mountains is that suddenly you don’t have to leave it until the sun is up. Some of the best days out are when everyone else is in bed and you’re lugging it up the side of a mountain to make it for sunset.mountain navigation courses lake district 1 day mountain navigation course

  1. The weather doesn’t have to stop you –

Just because its foul weather outside and you can’t see your hand in front of your face doesn’t mean you should not go out. Having attended a navigation course you learn about methods and techniques. All that will help you to head out in the mountains no matter what the weather.

  1. You can read a map-

Its parity obvious really. Your look cool knowing what you’re talking about because you did a navigation course. Over the duration of your navigation course, you learn a range of fundamental skills that mean you can get out in the mountains. You know where you are and how do get from A – B as efficiently as possible. During the course, you’re also looking at things to carry and what you need for a day out on the mountains.

Mountain Adventure Lake district run a range of mountain skills courses from 1 day – 3 days. They all cover a range of tactics and skill that will make you a better mountain walking, rock climber or mountaineer. All our course is taught by the best outdoor professionals. Who are experts at what they do, they’ll listen to you and tailor your course? So that you get exactly what you want out of the course.

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