Climbing Mount Toubkal.

Mount Toubkal or Jebel Toubkal as it is known locally is a superb way to introduce yourself to mountaineering weather that in the summer or winter. It’s possible to make an accent in a long weekend or over a longer period. North Africa might well feel like a long way but only a short 3-hour flight from Manchester and cost around £250 return and could be even less if you book in advance – Cheek out for flights and bookings.

Mount Toubkal is unique and very much unlike other 4000-meter peaks that you might wish to do, From the moment you land in  Morocco climbing weekend , Breaks away , Toubkal , Long weekend trips to Morocco Marrakesh your immersed in Moroccan culture, Amazing mountain views and a warmer climate – It is the ultimate unique mountain experience.


How long does it take to do MountToubkal?

Mountain Adventure does our ascent over 2 days with most of the walking done on the second day – Its best to ease into the trip gently!

The second day involved as getting a nice and early “alpine start” to make a summit bid for the top which takes around 6 hours round trip. The walk is steep in places and bendy up scree slopes along a zigzag track. We follow the same way down back to the hut where we have lunch before it’s a gentle downhill walk back to Imli where we transfer back to Marrakesh.

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What is the food like in Morocco?

The food in Morocco is amazing its heavy with vegetables and good quality meat. The traditional dish is known as a Tajine. Breakfast is very continental and will normally be homemade bread, jams and fruit as well as a pancake.

It is possible to get more western food along the way such as burgers, pizza and chips and of course you can buy plenty of snakes along the way.

What should I pack for the Jebel Toubkal trip?

Packing the correct kit for your Toubkal trip is essential, you will need good gloves, Hat and buff for the early summit day start as well as good stiff boots that are broken in.

We always recommend packing waterproofs – contrary to belief it does rain in Morocco.

When you book on to a Mountain Adventure Lake District Morocco trip you will receive an in-depth making list that will detail everything you need to bring with you. We would recommend visiting Stuart sports or the climber’s shop in the Lake District for any kit that you might need for the trip.

When is the best time to climb Mount Toubkal?

It is best to avoid the summer (June – August) and climb the peak in the Spring, Autumn and winter months.

The summer months can reach an incredible 40 degrees, and this can be very intense for some people that said it is not that hot on the summit often a good 20 degrees less. During the spring and Autumn, the heat is a lot less and very comfortable although a tad chilly in the morning (hence the down Jacket) Winter climbing Is a whole different deal on the Toubkal and for those who are looking to enhance the experience id 100% recommend it – clearly the heat is not so much of an issue HA!

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