So, a week today the planets aligned, the sun was shining. and I was psyched to go for a run. The George Fisher Espresso round is a smaller version of the poplar Abraham tea round.

At around 13 miles and 2000 ft of ascent. It takes in the 4 mountains top that are visible from the Abraham café at the top of the store.

  • Cat bells
  • Rowling End
  • Causey Pike
  • Barrow

All of which are amazing mountains to visit if you ever In the North Lake District. For me this run marks the longest distance I’ve done since running the Paddy Buckley. Because of this i picked up an ITB Issue earlier this year 

Because of this I’m sure you can imagine my psyche to do this round was off the scale. Having done only 5 – 6 miles max for the last 3 months whilst I recover.

The First leg —

The Espresso round starts and finishes at ….. you guessed it George Fisher store in Keswick. I opted to go clockwise taking Catbell’s on first partly because I knew the way. Leaving the store, you pick up Cumbria way until at the bottom of Catbell’s. Where I started the ascent. I’ve not been up Catbell’s in years and had totally forgotten what amazing mountain top it is. There are some amazing little sections of broken ground that feel amazing to move over. 45 min and I was on the summit 1 down – 3 to go.

The descent follows the track back down to Skellgill bank. Where this a trod between the bracken that was easy to follow and makes for a nice speedy descent. From here it’s a short road section past the activities centre and then it is back uphill!

Personally, I found the accent up to Rowling end and Causey Pike amazing, although steep in a section it soon goes. 45 min from the top of Catbell’s to Causey Pike –3 down 1 to go.

The decent from the top of Causey was another favourite over to High moss and along the east side of Otterside fell. Picking up the track that runs parallel with Stoney croft ghyll before the short rise to the top of the final summit Barrow. Summit 4 of 4 – time for that coffee! Coming off Barrow is long pointy spur heading north towards Braithwaite Lodge.

For me, this was the best part of the run and you really feel like you’re moving fast coving some amazing ground.

Once at the Lodge it relatively easy to follow the roads all the way back to Cumbria way before the final sprint finish to shop. 2:33:21 I’ll take that for a win.

Personally, I can’t believe that I had not done this round before. It offers a great few hours out on the mountains and would make a great day walk or run.

If you don’t know the area my advice would be to ensure that you know how to navigate correctly as you will need to, to ensure you take the correct line.

The mountains this time of the year have the best colours and the views can be incredible. I’m not 100% sure the pictures do it any justice.