George Fisher’s Espresso Round

12 Miles – 1000 meters of accent. – 2 hours 37 mins later.

So this is the second time in two weeks that I’ve set off to complete the George Fisher Espresso round .This time with James on Christmas day. The first time I ran the round I wasn’t very well and felt I could do it faster. Because of that, I knew the route a lot better and was keen to get out and do it again when I was 100%

For those who don’t know the round is all the summit, you can see from the George Fishers cafe in Keswick. It goes up 4 amazing mountain tops.

  • Catbells ( 451 m / 1479ft )
  • Rowling end ( 433m / 1421ft )
  • Causey Pike ( 637m / 2089ft )
  • Borrow ( 455m / 1492ft )

The total distance of the George Fisher Esspresso round is 12 miles with a little over 1000 meteres accent.


  This time around me and James set off on the round knowing the route and knowing the pace we needed to do. To be able to do George Fisher Espresso round in under the 2 hours 45 min we had in mind! Along the way,Both me and James have done some rather longer distances but neither of us ever run at speed. Because of the fact we wanted to get around in under the 2 hours 45min mark we needed to run at around 8 kph for the whole way. To give you an idea that would mean being at the top of the first mountain top in under 45 min.  


A much more detailed report about the route, kit and round can be found here I managed to get some video footage which you can see on the left or on Youtube HERE 

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