The Grey Frair’s walk is often overlooked it stands a little over 1.0km (0.6 miles) to the south-west. Significantly quieter, perhaps it is only Wainright baggers who go there. Its summit has two cairned outcrops the best views are from the north-west mos., Whilst it is the south-east cairn which is very slightly higher and consequently the official summit.

Today’s walk started from the 3 shire stone at the top of the wrynoes pass. I chose this way was it was the most direct way to the peak having done the over mountain around it. Because of this, it reduced the walking distance to around 5 miles with only a small amount of accent to the top. That’s said because of this I miss standing on the other mountain top.

There are several ways to get to the top of Grey Friars and my advice would be to include Weatherlamb and the Old Man of Coniston. Even to on a relatively cloudy day with a lot of black in the sky I could see as far as Scafell Pike and always the way across to the west coast of the Lake District.

I’m ( Jack ) am now down to my last 50 or so wainwrights to complete and I have now set my eye on getting this done in the next 10 months or. Because of the nature of the work we do at Mountain Adventure Lake District, we can often end up visiting the same peaks several times in the year and miss out some of the outlining fell tops that get a little less traffic.

Please remember that I have bags of experience and am more than knowledgeable enough to head into the mountains with the minimal kit if you feel you need some training or advice why not check out our training courses. 

The is more details on the route and its details on this link