Why we should still be giving money to Help for Hero’s!!

So the big question is, why should we still be giving money to Help for Heroes?

The fact of the matter is funding to the charity have been dwindling the last couple of years. Why? Probably because War, soldiers being deployed and returning home isn’t in the Media.  Especially images of injured or dead soldiers aren’t being shown. So we as the public think everything’s ok, where’re not at war our soldiers are fine. Wrong!!

On average it takes 4-6 years after their discharge for PTSD to even start showing, this is when they need your help. So anyone who fought in Afghanistan potentially their symptoms and the effects of their experiences may only just be showing now. Also, the injuries are life changing it’s going to take years for them to walk, stand or write again and get back to doing normal day to day things.  

The Military are very proud people there trained to block things out, not moan, not bother people with their petty issues. Many hide what’s really going on they will put on a brave face and tell you everything’s OK.  It won’t be till one day you wake up and the person you love or know is suddenself-destructinging, things they normally love have no interest in, talk differently about the way they look on the world, go into a distant world that you can’t reach into cause you will never understand and they will never let you understand. They have dreams that never go away and more terrifying then you can imagine but they have to just hope they settle and get better.  They also have to deal with physical wounds that take years to heal, 100s of hour’s physio, operation after operation.

Some leave school and go straight into the army, their whole adult life there in the military’s way of life and how that works. Then suddenly they are discharged and into the world but don’t have the military to support them as much with day to day things. A lot don’t know how to pay council tax or even sign up to the dentist, things there’ve just had sorted out for them as they have bigger things to worry about or train for.  

So Again why should we give money to Help for Hero’s. Because the money you give goes to helping out soldiers with many of these things. They have rehabilitation centres like Phoenix House Personal Recovery Centre that helps anyone from people involved in WW1, to the Falklands to solders that never saw war but struggle with adapting. They have amazing facilities that let service people stay for a week at a time multiply times. They give them lessons like English and Maths, practical skills like woodwork which they can leave with a certificate in that craft.  They have mindfulness courses and get anyone from whatever the background into sports like cycling; wheelchair basketball and they adapt everything so that every ability can join in. Just being round people that know what it is all about helps them. Please don’t take my word for it visit the website and see for yourself the incredible work they do every day. They also support the families, where the family can stay with them and help them on their journey. Cause unfortunately when they go through this the families and partners are the ones that suffer as well. Whether it’s by being pushed away, being made to feel unloved when all they want to do is help but they won’t let them.  There are programs in place where Help for Hero’s supports these families.

Please please check out. www.helpforheros.org.uk

Mountain Adventure Lake District is proud to support Help for heroes and this June will be doing an Armed Forces day event in Patterdale.


By Siobhan Firman