A closer look at the Lake District Edges Challenge

So nearly a week has gone by since Mountain Adventure Lake District completed there first ever Lake District Edges Challenge. We thought it was about time that we did a little write up on how amazing this event was.

Where did the Idea come from? 

The idea came from the owner and instructor Jack who out on a Wim last year. When he decided to see if he could link all 4 of the best mountain scrambles in the Lake District. In a single push (which being him, he did) and run between them. What he had wasn’t just a great day out running but also an idea to offer a real mountain challenge that was totally different from your standard mountain challenge events. Such as National 3 peaks or Yorkshire 3 peaks.

It involves just over 21 miles of mountain walking, scrambling the 4 most iconic mountain edges in the country. Some 2367 ( this is bigger than Ben Nevis)  meters of uphill epicness. Along the way, you stand on 8 wainwrights and if you make the end stand in glory over what you have done!!.

The amazing thing about Jacks idea was that unlike any other event there weren’t S*&T loads of food stops. rest break’s, ques of people or the chances to pull yourself off because you are tied! Once you’re on it you’re on it and you must go. Its what people describe as “real mountain day” and not an easy one that for sure. This challenge takes you along the best mountain scrambles in the Lake District – Striding Edge, Swirls edge, Sharps edge and finishing on Hallsfell ridge.

Let’s not beat around the bush here the Lake District Edges Challenge is a serious challenge. And one not to be taken lightly at all, you’re putting yourself in an environment that is about as serious as it gets. You are on the steep, expoChallenge event ideas 202 0 sed ground where you will be scrambling and at some points doing it while you’re tied. The ability to stay focus and move at the same time is all part of the challenge and part of the enjoyment. Imagine if you can stay switched on in that kind of place what else you could do.

So, on Saturday we had our first contenders from Monk Nutrition a running energy gel. A company who after reading about the challenge and having done several other events where keen to see what all the fuss was about. We left the Helvellyn car park at 07.20 on the dot and made for a really good time around the first two edges in around 3 hours. Not bad if I do say so! but once you have done that its time for some serious miles. And the time to cover some ground Around 10 miles to be exact. Over several Wainwrights to first and only food/water supply in Threlkeld around 7 hours later from our departure.

A quick stop and bit of a rest in the sun it was time to get going and get up to Blencathra via Sharps edge. Which is in everyone’s opinion the hardest part of the challenge. Once on the top of the summit, it’s a nice easy walk down Hallsfell ridge and to the pub. Where the timer stopped at 11 hours 20 mins on the dot. The hole team were on it from the get-go and were psyched for the event from the moment we left to the moment we stopped in the pub.

How it feel to do the Lake District edges challenge ?Not a bad effort at all by the whole group at all. There was even a small smile of joy from jack when he realised that what was a run in the mountains. Had now become a real challenge and an amazing event.

A shout out @running_on _jellybeans for working alongside me to organise the event and make sure that everyone was well prepared supplied the gels. If your looking for a slow releasing tasty energy gel actually works check out https://www.monk-nutrition.co.uk/

Interested in the event and think you be a good contender have a look at https://www.mountainadventurelakedistrict.co.uk/challenge-events-walks/lake-district-edges-in-a-day/