This week’s review:A little box of goodies we received from Montane.


So this week Jack from Mountain Adventure Lake District got a little parcel from the team at Montane. For those who don’t know back in June, Jack and his teammate James set out to be the first team to complete the Cairngorm Classic Rock Round (CCRR) door-to-door. The CCRR is an incredible journey that crosses the length of the Cairngorms over a distance of 66 miles. With an epic 4500 meters of uphill epicness, as if that wasn’t enough it includes 7 classic rock climbs.

Montane has very kindly sent us over 3 fantastic products the TrailBlazer 18 running pack, Dart Long Sleeve T-shirt and the rather smart (if we say so ourselves) Minimus Jacket. We wanted to share with you our first opinions and thoughts on the products and how this kit is going to help us smash the CCRC.



The Dart Long T-Shirt

I’m a t-shirt snob! I have to be, I work long days outside running up and down mountain’s and climbs in all weather. For the Cairngorm classic rock round this is no exception. We need something that is close fitting, can wick away sweat and is soft (we’re running 66 miles after all). We need a layer that is an all-around tech top. I’m not going to lie the Dart long sleeve t-shirt has fits the bill perfectly.

On first impression, it feels amazing and is so comfortable to wear, it looks really smart as well. We were sent the blue and red colours and we both agreed that it would be a top we could wear outside of the CCRR. Which from mine and a consumer perspective is a massive plus.


The Montane Trail Blazer 18 Running Pack.

When I first saw the Montane TrailBlazer I got very excited! At last a smaller running pack that someone has actually thought about. Plenty of room for the essentials without compromising on comfort and fit. The first thing I noticed was that the  bag is very adjustable thanks to the harness. Which is around the side of the pack (see picture). This makes fitting the bag incredibly easy.

The magnitude of pockets on the side and chest makes for easy access. For things like food, hydration and other kit which is something I like. You really don’t want to be stopping and faffing around when time is crucial. All in all its looking like a really great bag, which without a doubt is going to come in handy. Not just for the CCRR but also other runs and challenges.

For the CCRR this bag is going to be a lifesaver once all the climbs are done and dusted and behind us. We will still have around 30 miles to go and around 6 hours to do it.  That’s a long way to go and not a lot of time to do it in. At Braemar we will ditch all the climbing kit and the heavy stuff and opt-in for a lighter, more comfortable set of running kit which is where you guessed it ….  The TrailBlazer comes in.


Montane Minimus Jacket 

At first impressions the Minimus jacket looks really good great colours lightweight. I really hope that I don’t have to try it on the challenge as we want it to be dry. The first thing that struck me was how lightweight this jacket is but at the same time how durable it feels. Another massive bonus is that it packs small and weighs next to nothing.

The other obvious feature I personally really like, is something I look for in any jacket I’m using in the mountains. Is the large chest pocket. Because of the size of it, it allows you to store things like maps with ease. The hood is very generous and after playing around with it I discovered that you can actually fit over a helmet  (another win). However the best is last – It packs into the chest pocket making it even smaller than you think.

The Minimus Jacket was designed for fast-paced mountain activities such as running. Combining breathability, performance and weight to make the ultimate running jacket (well in my opinion).  Certainly feels like it’s going to deliver that for both of us. The benefit to a jacket like this is that outside of being able to keep me dry it can also be used as a windproof layer. For that moment where we actually stop! Which means we’re not carrying 2 jackets for the sake of it.