2 day winter Toubkal trek 


Climbing to the top of Mount Toubkal is no easy feet far from it actually! For those who don’t know our 2 day Mount Toubkal Treks take you all the way up to the grand height of 4167 meters. Over 2 days this a massive ask but much more achievable than you might think.

Over the course of the 2 days, you are going accent over 2500 meters of uphill and walk roughly around 20 km. Not bad at all hey!

The thing that makes this trip so unique is that more people don’t associate Morroco as a place to go to for outdoor adventure. When in fact it’s an absolute mecca of amazing climbing, mountain walks and much more. 


Our Mount Toubkal winter trek


For Our 2 day Winter Mount Toubkal Trek this year we had a great team coming out with us. There was Sam who has been out on the mountain so much in prep for the challenge as well Elloise who last year completed the National 3 Peaks Challenge and last but not least Oli who is an outdoor instructor and looking to smash out his first 4000-meter peak…. this is the dream team 😁

The whole trip starts at the airport in Marrakesh where you will meet me ( Jack ) from the airport its around 1-hour drive to Imil where myself and the team got settled into our hotel. Once we were all settled its time for some pre-expedition admin this is pretty normal and involves checking boots, Crampons and packing for tomorrows depart as well a brief about the trek and what’s to come.

To be fair by this time of the day most of us had been travelling for around 12 hours and I’m sure that everyone will agree. We were pretty tired once all the admin was done and we had drunk our body weight in tea.

“ Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

The first day of the trek is by no means an early start. We normally aim to start around 9 am after we have meet Mohammed who would be affectionately known as “MO” and of course had more tea !!!!

The first day of the trek is from Imlil to the refuge around 15 Km and about 11 km away. The track is very easy to follow and requires not a huge amount of effort. Because of this it only has a few small sections of steep ground. At around 5 km in, we had our first sight of the objective TOUBKAL.

This day, in general, is not to hard at all we take lots of stops and just really take it easy all the way to base camp. We where almost saving ourselves for the big day tomorrow. Along the way, we had some of the best orange juice we had ever had as well enjoying epic sights of the mountain and much more.  For me, this is the best part of the trek once its all done it times to get settled in to the refuge and chill tomorrow is going to be a long day and rest is important.


The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir

Summit day is an odd day, in my opinion, there is so much going through my mind – will the team make it? is everything ready? are conditions good enough? These are all normal questions that we all have in fact everyone in the team would have had them at one point or another. But this is no normal team this is the A-team.

Summit day is a long day for everyone because of this it’s a nice early start around 4 am for breakfast. A last min check and then it’s out the door of the refuge and the climbing start between us and the summit is around 4 hours of trekking 5 km and 996 meters of uphill. From the get-go it’s uphill and your legs know about it that’s for sure!  there is really no let-up with the gradient until the col. It is here that your switch direct and head west ( left ) for another 20 mins until you reach the summit. GLORY at last. The team made it to the top in an incredible 3 hour 30 mins. For their hard work and dedication, they were treated to some incredible views across the whole of Morroco. 15 mins on the top and its time for the decent to back to the refuge. Which took around another 2 hours but psyche is high and everyone was looking forward to taking their boots off.