Today we were joined by Catrin on a 1 day Mountain Navigation course. Catrin came to use with an already high degree of knowledge about being the mountains. Because of this, she wanted to learn how to use a map in greater depth. So our biggest focusesMountain Navigation course in the Lake District for the course of the Mountain Navigation course was to get high up on the fells and get on to the more complex ground.

The greatest thing about being the Lake District is that we have a massive range of place. That we can head to for this sort of course. Because of this, we decided to start at the iconic Sticklebarn in the Langdale Valley. It offers good access to some of the best Mountain in the Lake District. This including Pike of Stickle and the Langdale Pikes to name a few.

They key to courses like this for us is to listen to what people have done. Then figure out what and where is going to the best out of their day. For Catrin, it was the Pikes without a doubt a complex maze of ground perfect to learn the advanced mountain navigation course skills.

Over the course of the day on the Langdales, we looked at some of the advanced skill for being in the mountain they were the following.

  • Compass bearing and sight bearing
  • 6 figure grid references
  • Relocation and location skill’s
  • Naismith’s rule of walking up a mountain
  • Timings / Pacing and creating a pacing card
  • Contour interpretation
  • Translating a 2D vision into real-time 3D

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