Navigation refresher

We all know the importance of being safe in the mountains. Because of this we also know that a massive part of being safe is being able to read a map efficiently. To I was joined by Popsie, Lucy and Linda. Who are returning after doing a 2-day mountain navigation course. After an amazing year exploring and walking together across a lot some amazing places. They felt it was time to do a quick Navigation refresher. Top up and focus on some areas they thought needed some more practice.

Our route choice was the Langdale Pikes – A mega ultra classic horseshoe that takes in 5 classic wainwrights. Because the main aim of the Navigation refresher course was to hone in on some of the more technical skills of reading a map. We got rid of the compass used the map for the whole day. Doing contour only map reading is amazing way to look at a map. And really understand what it’s doing around you. After some fine-tuning and looking at the types of features on a map. The ladies were well on their way and picked it up really easy. All be it with wet feet!!! Once we had ironed out that it was time to get the compass out and look a bearings.As well pacing and some more of the hard skills of a Navigation course.


Why map reading ? 

The beautiful thing about looking at a map is that if you can turn that 2D piece of paper into a 3D image it can take to some amazing places. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been out on the hill and just thought I’ll go check that out “its looks cool”. The mountains are a cool place and can really take you to some hidden places. If you just know how to read a map.

All our courses are literally tailored to your ability. We listen to what your hoping to do, what you’ve done before and then take you to somewhere you’ve not been before and if possible somewhere I’ve not been before. Our courses are not just navigation we want you to go away with a feel that you know how to stay safe. Because of this we look at a number of other aspects as well as Navigation.