Unsupported Ramsay Round.

Charlie Ramsay round unsupported

Reflecting on what we have achieved.

The Ramsay Round has finally been done solo/ unsupported and what an adventurous challenge it’s been. Charlie Ramsay devised the route in 1978, which includes 24 summits (23 Munro’s) (Ben Nevis, Carn Mor Dearg, The Aonach, The Grey Corries, The Easain’s. Three behind Loch Treig and The Mamores). The route concludes of 56 miles of rough terrain and 8,600 meters of ascent. Making this the Scottish equivalent on the big three. 

On Monday, with a good weather forecast, we set off with the original intention of aiming to complete the round in a time of 24 hours. That soon changed After pacing quickly to the summit of the Ben and still being slightly behind the 24-hour schedule. We decided that our intention was to just finish the challenge, no matter what

The weather was perfect, although slightly warm at times, but it felt like we were making good progress. For the first 10 hours.  We run/ fast hiked our way across the rough ground of leg one (Ben Nevis, CMD, The Aonachs, Grey Corries & The Easain’s), to arrive at the Dam of Loch Treig 🤟🏻.

Leg two 

Our next leg was to run into the night to get the three Munro’s that sit behind Loch Treig. Another big climb Unsupported ramsay round. got us up and we started to cover more ground. Beinn na Lap, the third Munro on this leg has a very steep section, which it’s full-on arms and leg work.

By this it was around 2 am and our bodies were telling us to sleep, so that’s what we did for the 10 mins. After a mini nap we felt great to work our way down to the other end of Loch Treig. Where we had another 10 mins (getting eaten by midges).

The next section of the round involved about 6 miles of running through the Glen to get to the base of the ridge to start the Mamores. Although before you start the climb, there’s an awesome bothy called Meanach, were we slept for a final 15 mins in the corridor.

The final leg 

For the final 13 and a half hours, we worked our way along the remaining 11 Munro’s. The Mamores are fantastic, they aren’t as rough as some of the other hills on the round. But they do include two out and backs, which make it that little bit harder.  34 hours and 15 minutes later we made it back to the Glen Nevis YHA, where we started our journey 👌🏻 @ Scotland

Thanks go to montane for there never-ending help as I carry on this crazy passion.

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