Scafell Pike Sunset walk

Sunset surely must be the most magical time of the day. On a good night, the whole world can seem to light up and the sky becomes a mesmerising array of colour and light as it spreads across the open vista and we wave goodbye to another day.

Last weekend, myself and group of 6 people were treated to such a spectacle whilst on England’s highest mountain top Scafell Pike. 4 times a year we run a Scafell Pike sunset walk in the hopes of such a night and last weekend we had exactly that.

The walk is aimed at literally anyone of any ability. Let’s get the point across here that it is for ANYONE of any ability. If you can put one foot in front of the other, then it’s perfect for you. We’re not on a speed march (my time of that is over!) here its all about taking your time. Just enjoying the walk normally speaking it takes about 3 hours to get the top of Scafell Pike with plenty of rests along the way. Our aim is to get the top with a little bit of time to spare so that we can really enjoy the views. As well as take in what you have achieved.

The walk up Scafell Pike 

The walk up to Scafell Pike is steep in places but very changeable to start with you walking along a nice track. Before a river crossing known locally as Brown tounge. Then on up the steep steps for around 1Km before entering the Hollow stones. An area that is roughly halfway along with the accent. This part of the walk is the most iconic and normally resonates with people for a while. Because of its large boulders and small track that can be hard to find your way through.

Once that’s out the way it on the Ligmell Col and lush area of green grass that opens up. The views across to Keswick and the north-west fells. From here we turn right for our final approach to the summit of Scafell Pike. The final section is steep again, loose underfoot and again very rocky. As if God got bored of making Scafell it all of sudden flattens out before a walk of approx. 100 meters to the final summit.

The walk down is the same but only for our team, it’s a night and in the dark. This can be an exciting prospect for people who may have not ever walked down a mountain let alone in the dark. That said it is a truly magical experience and something that stays with people for a long time.

Fancy coming along to our 2020 Sunset walk – Check for more details of dates