LOCATION:            COST:

 Ambleside                    £200

 DURATION:           RATIO:

 3 DAYS                          1:6                                                  



Learn the skills to leave the front door and head out on your own mini break. During this 3 day skillS course we will help you to become more confident and independent when thinking about heading into the mountains whether it 1 day or  a multi day trip.

Over the course we will look at navigation skills , planning your "Mini Break"  also things like weather ,places to camp, things to bring on your trip and emergency skills as well as night navigation and steep ground rope work . We will spent one night  under the stars and 2 days leaning all the fundamentals of mountain craft under the instruction of a qualified and experienced mountain leader .

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Who is the course suitable for? 

This course is great for anyone who is looking to go out for a few days and wild camp. We ask that you have a basic level of fitness and are able to carry a pack of up to 15 kg .

Whats included for me ? 

Included in the price is multiple days of  instruction from a qualified Mountain leader and the use of any maps  and compasses.

What do I need ? 

A full packing list will be sent over to you when you book on to this course. 

 What can i expect to learn ?

 Route planning and things to consider 

 Map and compass skills and how to effectively use them 

Understanding weather and how to plan your trip around it 

Steep ground skills 

Emergency procedures 

What to pack and how best to carry it , so your not taking everything and the kitchen sink ! 

Nutrition and hydration - keeping you moving on the mountains 

NEW  FOR 2018  ... 

THIS COURSE WILL INCLUDE A 1 HOUR WORKSHOP BY THE TEAM  AT COTSWOLD GRASMERE ON ALL THINGS OUTDOORS . This will also be a  super chance for you to pick  up last minutes bits  that you may need prior to our expedition the next day . 

Course Outline 


We will meet at a pre-agreed central location ( normally some where that does a good coffee ) after a quick meet and great we will crack on with the course. After a short presentation about the weather and how to pack effectively, we'll head out in the mountains to look at how to navigate efficiently.  After most of the day out on the hill learning new skill and developing our current ones we will meet up with team at Cotswolds - Grasmere for a1 hour workshop on all things outdoors, this is also time to quiz the staff , try out some of the kit and get some great advice. From there its time for a shower and chill before meeting again at the pub / restaurant to plan our 2 day expedition in the mountains. We will need to use all the skills that we have learned today to plan our mini break such as weather, route planning and escape routes. The next 2 days are  a great chance to explore parts of the Lake District you may  not of been to before. 


It will be a nice chilled start to the day meeting at a location (again somewhere that does good coffee ) that we agreed on the previous night. From there we will confirm the final details of our trip, discuss the weather and have a final kit check. There will be a chance for you to buy any last minutes supplies if you need them and then we are off on our mini break. During the day we will look at a variety of key topics that include emergency procedures and steep ground skills, whilst all the time swapping navigational legs. It will be a night under the stars taking in the peace and quite. There is the opportunity here for us to leave camp and take small walk at night . 

Day 3

After a night under stars and warm breakfast inside us we will break camp and finish the final day of our mini break whilst enjoying our surroundings. Today is all about asking any questions you may have and practise anything you fancy. After all your now self sufficient and able to take on any mountains. We aim to be finished around 4.30 unless anyone has specifically said that they need to finish earlier.  

You now have all the key skills and confidence to head out and plan your next adventure.