The bits and bobs to Small business Success. 

Let’s not beat around the bush here working for yourself is hard work and take the dedication levels that are the same as having a child. If you think starting a business in whatever industry is easy you should really stop reading here because you are very mistaken. I’ve listed a few attributes and things that I think you really need to have Small business Success.

1. – Know your business, Know your industry. 

This is one of those that speaks for its self really! How well do you know what your selling? The key to small business success is knowing your industry. Our day’s trends change like the direction of the wind and having an understanding of your industry will pay dividends. Being able to anticipate change is absolutely key to success. Have you been working in your industry for a while how well do you know it? Have you been working in the industry for while?  do your research.

2.  Have a plan 

Spend some time looking at what you want to achieve. Set a direction and set what you need in motion but don’t just wing it, it will backfire sooner or later!  We all know that the best plans are laid to waste so don’t be afraid to be dynamic with your plan and make changes. Your plan will give you an idea about how you hope to achieve what you’re aiming to do whether that’s getting finance, buying stock or what time you’re going wash your arse. Don’t be afraid to share your plan with people and get feedback, get advice from everyone I’m not talking about writing a business ( which I’ve not done ) it could be just brainstorming session, writing points down remember – START WITH THE END IN MIND.

3. You know what you know and don’t know what you don’t know 

I’m going, to be honest here Mountain Adventure Lake District has had a total of 5 websites. 5 bloody websites whilst I know everything about a Toubkal trek or climbing session in the Lake District I know absolutely nothing about making a website. I’ve wasted days making a website that was, to put it mildly, SHIT and would not work makes you think what I could have achieved with that time.  If you don’t know how to do something find someone who does. Ask for advice or get someone else to do it for you or at least show you. Your good at what you do so let some else be good at what they do.

4. What gets you up in the morning? 

You’re about to or already have started out on an incredible journey that is going to have peaks and troughs. Welcome to Small business Sucess! Your motivation and desire to start your own business is what you got here in the first place. You have to keep that energy level and keep that desire burning know one said it would be easy that’s for sure. However, if you love what you do and that passion shows every time all the time you’re going to be in for one hell of a journey. Mistakes happen, shit happens but learn from it and harness it. I once spent £400 on PPC – I got ZERO return on that investment I cried for about 10 mins and then said: “cool its happened, how am I going to stop it from happening again ?” You have to move on and keep going.

5.Self Confidence

Launching a new business or running a small business is a struggle and without confidence in yourself and your abilities to see things through, it would be easy to become demoralized. You have to learn to keep your fears and anxieties to yourself and reflect upon them in private. In public, you should be a figure of calm confidence and inspiring. Believe in yourself and believe in your product. I’m not talking about having an ego because no one likes those people.

6. Patients is a virtue 

Something I’ve had to learn and a tough one for some people if you’re like me and want things to happen. But you can’t be in a rush to build your business. If you take shortcuts then often you’ll find it will take you longer to build the kind of business you’re proud of. Small business success takes the time it won’t happen overnight and it takes time to build. My attitude is that as long as I’m moving forward that’s a good thing it may not be a 1000 miles but it forward.