A few top things to take on Expeditions.

So this isn’t a kit list of all the things I’d recommend you to take on Expedition’s. This is a small list of things I like to take that just add that bit of comfort to your trip but can all be used in multiple situation. I’ve done a lot of travelling personally and for work and there’s always that moment when you’re like oh,  I wish I had. So these items have gone into my always take list and I never regret them.

So let’s start off with:

  • Memory Form Neck Pillow – Game changer! You always have long flights or bus rides when in country; it’s always amazing to have a neck pillow to catch up on some well earnt sleep.  I’ve tried many over the years but a memory form one is by far the best for comfort and better sleep. It’s much firmer so you bend your neck less and are much more supported when asleep. This is great for long journeys.  I find as well if you wrap a scarf over it you can use as a normal pillow as sometimes accommodation pillows are lacking life. There hard wearing which helps them keep their shape, no beans to lose and are easy to wash once your return.


  • Silk Liner (or cotton)- These are great to carry, weigh nothing and pack up small. I use these for plane and bus journeys as a blanket. Sometimes the bedding at your accommodation doesn’t always look the cleanest so I just get out the liner and climb in. You may require sleeping bags if the climate is colder, you can add a liner to your sleeping bag and this creates an extra layer of warmth.  Plus you will have to wash your sleeping bag less, if you use a liner with it.


  • Adventure sandals- I love these as they have a good sole and are sturdy, so less likely to have a flip flop blow out. This means they will last your whole trip. You can use them in the water to protect your feet in the sea from things like stone fish. They will dry quickly and not slip off your feet when wet. They can also be used as a trekking sandal, I have trekked for days in mine no blisters or hot feet. Best of both worlds. I use the Chaco brand as they adjust really easily, fit well and are a good price. I’ve had mine 4 years now still going strong and have regular use every summer.


  • A wide mouth water bottle-Hydration is key on Expedition’s, so a decent water bottle is money well spent. I use Nalgene because of their hard wearing plastic, wont crack when dropped. There not the cheapest but guaranteed to last the trip. Wide mouth is important for hygiene reasons, most the time Expedition’s aren’t always the cleanest places. You need to be able to clean your bottles well.  These are great for that as there are no fiddly straws or corners that bacteria can grow or hide. You can get sponges inside to give them a thorough clean. Another great quality is they hold hot water. Which I find amazing on expedition especially colder ones. You can fill your bottle up with hot water and you have a hot water bottle for the night.  It will then be cold enough in the morning for drinking. This is also useful if you have to purify water by boiling it and you know it won’t smash Nalgene plastic. Lastly they hold a liter of water which is great for long treks.  If you find the wide mouth bit not the easiest to drink out of, you can get a sippers that sits in the hole and makes it easier to drink from.


  • One for the ladies or men. A scarf- I always have one packed, again for use of a blanket or over my neck pillow. There are many country’s that require certain dress codes and a scarf is a great one to have if you ever get caught out. You can use it as a head dress, to cover your shoulders for some community’s and temples. Or you can wrap it round you like a sarong to cover legs and knees.  Then if it ever gets chilly you have another layer.

There it is, a few of my top tips to have a more comfortable Expedition’s. How about putting these tip and trick into good practice on of our Adventure treks 

Expedition's leader Siobhan Firman - About us , Mountain Adventure Lake District team

Siobhan Firman – Expedition’s Leader 

Siobhan has been part of expeditions all over the world from trekking up to Machu Pitchu in Peru to the depths of the Borneo jungle.She loves being part of a team and a big adventures.  Pushing ourselves to achieve more then we ever believed. She feels truly passionate about bringing people into new and exciting places. And hopes that you’ll be next to join us.