Why is being in the outdoors good for you?

 Why is being in the Outdoors good for you ? Practising outdoor sports combines the beneficial effects of exercise and direct contact with nature. Engaging in outdoor physical activity makes people 50% happier than going to a gym. You don’t just get a healthy mental escape – you also enable your body to make the most out of the numerous benefits it offers.

Here are some of the most amazing benefits of spending time outdoors that you just can’t overlook.

Helps to Improved memory

Several studies show that nature walks have memory-promoting effects that other walks don’t.

In one study, University of Michigan students were given a brief memory test, then divided into two groups. One group took a walk around an arboretum, and the other took a walk down a city street. When the participants returned and did the test again, those who had walked among trees did almost 20% per cent better than they had the first time.

The people who had taken in city sights instead did not consistently improve.

similar study on depressed individuals found that walks in nature boosted working memory much more than walks in urban environments.


Spending Time outdoors helps you get that right dose of Vitamin D. We get most of our vitamins and minerals from food, but the body is capable of general vitamin D directly on the skin.

This vitamin is extremely important for bone mineralization – it not only favours the absorption of calcium and phosphorus but also prevents kidney loss.

It is enough to spend 5 or 10 minutes out in the sun twice or thrice a week to recharge the deposits of this vitamin. In countries with fewer hours of sunshine, there’s a high risk of rickets in children, while osteoporosis and osteocalcin in adults are more common.

Also, sunbathing can help improve the appearance of the skin. It’s advisable to get your sunbath during the early hours of the morning. Health experts have seen many improvements in patients with acne cases.


Just outdoors offering various social benefits. You can relate to other people, have the possibility of meeting new people, build long-lasting friendships and get a healthy distraction from the everyday stressful life. It also allows you to get mental benefits as you clear your brain and let it rest. You can improve your mood, reduce your stress and even treat depression!

If you spare some time to spend it outdoors with your family, you can really strengthen your bond with your family members and connect with them. It also helps your children develop healthy habits, such as practising sports and exercising.


Experts agree that physical activities in open spaces are greatly favourable to health – it creates a greater sense of vitality and optimism. It considerably decreases the levels of tension, stress, confusion, and anger. Here are some more benefits of regularly getting involved in outdoor physical activities:

  • Maintain low body mass indexes.
  • Lose weight.
  • Regulate blood pressure.
  • Increase lung capacity.
  • Balance blood sugar levels.
  • Reduce the incidence of infections by increasing the number of white blood cells and lymphocytes in the blood.

Do you want to have an exciting time running, swimming, or cycling outdoors? Start spending your time outdoors and say goodbye to those morning blues today!

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